July 9, 2018

Fuller Center Bike Adventure

The FC Bike Adventure is a fundraiser held in order to raise money to end poverty housing. Each year, a new route is established for the bikers to ride. You can choose to ride as long as you want, wether that be one day, or the full trip! Along the way, the bikers stop and stay the night at different churches and fellowship halls for showers and meals. While the bikers are in town, If there is a house being built in their particular area, or an area they ride through, they will stop and make a day or two of bulding.

This ride is NOT a race, but an invitation. Inviting those to follow Christ’s call to serve your neighbors, especially those less fortunate. The ride is also a fantastic way to see different parts of the country you may have never seen before. Riding through beautiful mountains, across flat plains, or along side a beautiful beach. You will get to know each of the cyclists on a personal level and make long lasting friendships. It is an adventure of service and prayer, and raising money to help change someones life, and build a better world.