July 9, 2018

Join a Committee

Family Selection Committee-

The Family Selection Committee is charged with identifying partner families who will become the beneficiaries of the Covenant Partner’s work.

Family Partnering Committee-

The Family Partnering Committee is a fundamental part of assuring successful homeownership for the partner families.

Resource Development Committee-

The Resource Development Committee is responsible for raising funds and in-kind and land donations to advance the ministry of the Covenant Partner.

Church Relations Committee-

The Church Relations Committee to cultivate relationships with local churches and engage them in work of the Covenant Partner. The members of the committee will represent a number of different faiths, demonstrating the spirit of ecumenism.

Site Selection Committee-

The Site Selection Committee is responsible for identifying building sites or repair/rehab, securing those sites with the board’s approval, and preparing those sites for house building or repair/rehab by assuring that infrastructure, zoning and titling issues are managed.

Construction Committee-

The Construction Committee is responsible for delivering the principal product of this ministry, the house. Because of the technical requirements of home building, this committee should have at least a few professional builders as members. Because of the rich partnership opportunities that come from building .

Finance Committee-

It is the responsibility of the Finance Committee to ensure that the Covenant Partner employs solid business principles and practices. This assures ongoing financial security and maximizes the number of families that can be housed. The Finance Committee will benefit from having successful business people, including a banker, and lawyer, as members.

Volunteer Committee-

Volunteers are the backbone of a successful Covenant Partner. Directors, committee members and some staff all serve as volunteers. Tasks included as a volunteer consist of Recruitment, Training, Deploying, Retention, Meaningful Work, Stewardship, Rewards, and Data Base.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our amazing family, please contact Tamara Danel, or any one of the board members for The Fuller Center – Ginger Ford Northshore for more information.